The Avalon


I have always thought that fashion is the most personal art form.  What could be more personal than what you choose to wear.  There is also an ease to its expressiveness.  All it takes is one gorgeous gown to make you feel glamorous and these beauties do just that.  The designer is my incredibly talented friend Angel Lee.  She graciously styled and provided all the clothes you see here, including the hat.  I wish you could see her clothes in person.  The fabrics are so decadent and the construction is flawless.  Each gown has a built-in corset so lavishly done it could be worn on its own.  Each design is a piece of art.  These images were shot at the historic Avalon Hotel by the truly iconic Ash Gupta and his beloved crew at Studio 838.  Make up and hair by Carsen LaBella.

Love, Pratima